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Infrared thermography is, first and foremost, used as a diagnosis tool to detect temperature variations, anomalies and other conditions invisible to the human eye.

Underground access manhole inspection

To make sure our work meets the highest standards of the industry, our team of thermographs is equipped with cutting-edge technology equipment. Our flexibles services are available 24 hours on 24 and could be adapted to our clients requirements. There is always a thermograph on call and our clients emergencies could be resolves quickly. On critical period of the day for our client, our team stay nearby of the potential call, to be sure we could be there in few minutes. All of our vehicles are equipped to carry out the following jobs:

  1. All the security equipment as yellow beacon, signal arrow, orange cone, fence
  2. Manhole water pumping, including discharge hose to route the water safely;
  3. Thermographic inspection of electrical connectors with the latest technology Optris cameras;
  4. Partial discharge of electrical connectors.
All of our thermographs have the “Level 1 – Thermographic Applications” certification and some have Level 2.

We provided inspection services for underground access manhole on Montreal Island since the beginning, since 20 years. Since the beginning we have performed more than 100,000 underground access manhole and annually we performed between 5,000 and 10,000 manhole inspections for various clients, than need to access to the electrical manhole on Montreal Island.

We also provided services outside Montreal as required.

Trucks on the road

Industrial, commercial, and institutional inspection of electrical networks

This type of inspection could be performed on almost many type of electrical equipment. The applications range are from main supply power equipment of steel plant to distribution panel in a commercial center.

In this inspection we are able to identified the bad electrical connection before the problem aprear. A bad electrical connection cause additionnal resistance in the electrical circuit and this problem will get worst with the time. Just after our inspection, we produce a report that listed all the equipment inspected and each problems are described, each problemm has a severity index to help our client to take good decisions.

The advantages of a thermographic inspection performed by experts are: - Reduction breakdown time;
- Minimized the risk to broke equipment;
- Reduced the risk of electrical fire;
- Permited too the take corective action during the maintenance shutdown rather then in emegency.

Thermographic inspection annually

360o Pictures of Underground Electrical Acces Manhole

The 360o Pictures, are produced by our access manhole team. Our team are equipped to safely secure the working zone and pumped the water as required.

These pictures permitted to the underground infrastructure owner to validate which equipment’s are in the infrastructures, before sending a team on terrain.

With that tool our clients are well equipped to plan job and avoid to send workers on site to visually confirm the exact location of equipment’s.

Whit these pictures it is also possible to evaluated the physical shape of component and structure. We could also recommended maintenance works, based on observations.

With these pictures our clients are able to walk-throw the structure and zoom as require without blind spot.

These pictures are a bubble of 360 horizontal degrees and 360 vertical degrees. The camera as an optical resolution of 15 megapixels, this quality permitted to zoom a area.

The raw data of the picture is a (.jpeg) format and could be open on any computer, but to have a better view it is recommend using the software that could be downloading for free on the web site of our supplier.

hours worked without accidents annually

Complete 360o picture

Zoom on electric cables

Zoom on manhole cables support

Building inspection

A building thermographic inspection need to be performed in specific conditions based on the problem that needs to be identified. The thermography will give us a thermal image of the moment, will heat dissipation know-how we could be able to identified moisture accumulation, uninsulated area in a wall and air infiltration / exfiltration. It is important to know that the thermography is a good tool to identified potential problematic areas, without need to open wall. Once the potentials areas are identified, other investigations will be required to confirm the problem.

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