Mikron 20110-3 viewport compatible with OPTRIS camera

To improve worker security, we try to avoid open medium and high voltage cabinet live. To be able to do regular thermographic inspection we installed viewport on the cabinets.

Since more than 20 years, we recommended to our client to used Mikron 20110-3 viewport. This viewport have an opening of ½ inch and didn’t required a window. The advantages of this viewport are:

- Direct reading of the infrared wave and didn’t request a transmissivity correction like the viewport with a window;
- The viewport didn’t accumulate dust;
- Price very cheap compared with a viewport with a window.

The disadvantage is that the viewport is design to be use with a special lens able to see in a ½ inch hole (Mikron Spyglass lens).
Our clients installed this viewport for the next 20 to 30 years and don’t want to depend from a single technology. For that reason, we did a comparative test with another camera that was not design for to be used with the Mikron 20110-3 viewport. The two cameras tested are:

- OPTRIS PI-450 with a O53 lens;
- Mikron M7800 with Mikron Spyglass lens.

We take pictures with both camera trough the Mikron 20110-3 viewport and we calculated the visible angle for each camera. The results are :

OPTRIS PI450 – O53 Lens Mikron M7800 – Spyglass Lens
Horizontal (degrees) 50 53
Vertical (degrees) 40 40
In conclusion, we obtain similar results, because in practice is unusual to use the full range of 53 degrees. During the installation we usually keep a buffer or few degrees and in worst case it better to put 2 viewports.

Results - OPTRIS PI 450

Results - Mikron M7800 with Mikron Spyglass Lens

Mikron Spyglass Lens