OPTRIS product distribution

OPTRIS made a whole range of product that could be used for various applications. The main criteria’s that should be considered for the equipment selection are:

  1. the material of the product to inspected;
  2. the range of temperature;
  3. the process speed;
  4. the distance and the size of the object.
The object surface (Emissivity) or the surrounding environment of the object will determined the wavelength that need to be target and will permit to selected an equipment that operate in the desire spectral range. For example, the wavelengths in the visible spectral range are from 0.4 to 0.78µm. The infrared spectral ranges are from 0.78 to 14µm and equipment’s are design to covert a part of the infrared range.

Equipment is also design to monitor a particular range of temperature and there are also equipment build to work in high temperature environment.

Special application, for industrial process monitoring there is special equipment that have a frame rate up to 1000Hz, it is 1000 data acquisition per seconds.

Finally the size and the distance of the object to inspected, will managed the optical resolution required and will also help to select the lens that is more suitable for the application.

OPTRIS have a wide selection of equipment that could provide thermal images of various applications and also other equipment that could monitor and industrial process in real time.